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The Cold Hard Truth: Sales Scripts Are Better For Business

Cold Calling? Sales Scripts Are Better For Business

When it comes to cold calling, having a well-crafted sales script could be the difference between closing a deal or getting hung up on. But is relying on a script really the best strategy for salespeople? In this blog post, we’ll dive into the pros and myths of using sales scripts and why they might be the missing piece to your sales success. As a sales manager or business owner, it’s essential to understand how the right sales script can impact your team’s success and, ultimately, the growth of your business. So, let’s explore the cold, hard truth about sales scripts and their role in the world of selling.

What is a sales script?

First, let’s start with the basics. What exactly is a sales script? Simply put, it’s a pre-written dialogue that outlines the key points and phrases a salesperson should use when communicating with potential customers. Sales scripts are often used in cold calling situations where the salesperson has little to no prior relationship or interaction with the prospect. The script guides the conversation and helps keep the salesperson on track and focused on their pitch.

What key points must a salesperson cover on a cold (or warm) call? The four primary sections of selling that require sales scripts are:

  • Openers (What you say after, Hello, my name is…), Voicemail and Gatekeepers
  • Qualifying (Pain points, decision-making authority, ideal solution, time frame, pricing)
  • Presentation (Tailoring to your prospect’s needs/wants uncovered in the qualifying stage)
  • Handling objections and closing the sale

One of the most significant advantages of using a sales script is consistency. With a well-crafted script, all sales team members will deliver a uniform message, ensuring that every prospect receives the same information and experience. This can be especially beneficial for businesses that have multiple salespeople or teams. It also allows for easier training and onboarding of new team members, as they can follow the same script.

Moreover, sales scripts can save time and energy by providing structure to the conversation. Every second counts when engaging in cold calling, and having a script handy means no fumbling for words or losing track of important points. This is particularly helpful for new or inexperienced salespeople who feel more confident following a set script rather than improvising.

Sales Scripts Myth #1

“Sales scripts come across as robotic and insincere, making it difficult to build genuine connections with potential customers.”

This is false. It’s not the script that sounds scripted; it’s the salesperson’s lack of commitment to be better, therefore sounding scripted. Remember, every Oscar-winning actor/Actress had scripts… but they didn’t make it sound scripted.

Sales Scripts Myth #2

“Sales scripts limit creativity and adaptability in conversations.”

Again, if you have the correct script following the SalesBuzz path outlined above, you will have a structured approach that allows you to change without skipping steps.

If you ditch the script and become a “Captain Wing-it,” you will likely skip steps that need to be covered. Skipped steps often lead to false pipelines and lost deals.

Sales managers and business owners must provide their teams with the necessary training and resources to customize scripts and make them their own.

Sales scripts that follow the correct sales path (Openers, Qualifying, Presentation, Objection Handling, and closing) will positively impact your business when used correctly. They provide structure consistency and save time in cold calling (and warm calling/inbound) situations.

But it takes practice. Once you have the proper training and develop the customized scripts for your vertical, it’s imperative that sales reps role-play. Yes, I said role-play.

I understand that the only thing sales reps dislike more than cold-calling is role-playing, but iron sharpens iron. The best of the best have one thing in common: they know the steps of the sales process (either intuitively or through experience/training) that need to be uncovered during a sales call, and they have all role-played at one point or another.

And when it comes to role-playing your sales scripts, amateurs practice till they get it right. Pros practice until they can’t get it wrong.

To all the sales managers, business owners, and business development directors, take the time to evaluate your current use of sales scripts. Are they helping or hindering your team’s success? Is it time to retrain your team and update your sales scripts to drive results for your business? If so, you have options. eLearning has made training super efficient, effective, and affordable. Our online self-paced training program can have your sales team custom-creating new scripts that work and making better sales calls in less than an hour.

PS… Still not sure sales scripts are the missing piece to your business growth? Watch this youtube video on sales scripts for cold calling.

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