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How To Overcome Call Reluctance

How do you overcome call reluctance?

In every outbound salesperson career, there comes a point when the phone feels like a 25lbs weight, and you don’t want to pick it up anymore.

It happens when the rejection passes the individual’s threshold of acceptance.

And the problem is, if you’re an outbound sales rep or you rely on an outbound sales team to generate revenue, you need conversations to be happening with prospects.

If salespeople aren’t generating meetings or enough meetings per month, more significant problems will start to roll in month after month.

So how do you overcome call reluctance when it happens?

Some say it’s a mindset… that you must keep dialing.

I think that is insane.

Everyone’s pain tolerance for sales rejection is different; however, you can only get hung up on so many times before your enthusiasm falls below the level you need it to be at to keep going.

The solution to overcoming call reluctance is “Objective-based Selling.”

Objective-based selling is a methodology taught online by SalesBuzz.com that breaks down the sales process into a step-by-step formula that is easy to follow and execute and works in every industry at a high level.

Objective-based selling eliminates call reluctance by preparing the sales professional for each step of the call and for each scenario that will happen on the call before picking up the phone.


When you are making a first-time outbound sales call to a new prospect, one of three things will happen every time you call:

  1. The Gatekeeper could answer the call
  2. The Call could go to Voicemail
  3. The Prospect could answer the call

Knowing ahead of time that one of these three things will happen on every sales call, the sales rep, using the Objective Based Selling Method, can be prepared to know exactly what to say and do in each of those scenarios before ever picking up the phone.

Think of it like a playbook that you can customize to your specific vertical and industry.

If the Gatekeeper answers, you run the customized Gatekeeper play (the course will teach you how to handle/what to say to the Gatekeeper to have your call put through)

If you get VOICEMAIL, you run the customized Voicemail play (scripts and strategies are in the course)

The same goes for if the Prospect answers the phone.

Once you are prepared ahead of time on what to say, you learn the correct sales strategies for each of those scenarios, and you role-play those scenarios until you have it down smooth and natural sounding; you can then pick up the phone and start making live calls again.

As you see the calls starting to work, your confidence will grow and rise above your minimum rejection threshold to the point when you do have a call that doesn’t go your way; you will be able to move on without damage.

But it doesn’t stop there.

To continue to grow your confidence (and your paycheck) once you’ve mastered phase one of selling (getting the conversation started), you will want to improve your qualifying, presentation, objection handling, and follow-up skills to close more business.

The only sales training program I know that does that step-by-step is SalesBuzz.com’s online sales training program.

The Power to Overcome Call Reluctance

When you learn how to overcome call reluctance, your confidence grows, you help more people solve their issues, and your earnings improve. So it’s a win/win all the way around. 

The only way that happens is if you fix the root cause of why you are reluctant, to begin with. One suffers from call reluctance because they do not know what to say, when, or how to say it to get a prospect willing to have a sales conversation and what to do once the conversation starts.

Fix that, and call reluctance disappears.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – On-demand sales training courses that teach B2B phone sales techniques that work.

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