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Sales Presentation And Objection Handling Workshop Feedback

Couple of testimonials that came in from students after our Presentation and Objection Handling Workshop: “What I liked most about today’s session was the feeling that it is all starting to come together. I am beginning to see the big picture and how each piece of the puzzle needs to be there in order for […]

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B2B Cold Calling Workshop / Phone Sales Expert Michael Pedone

Fix It with Our Live Interactive Online Cold Calling Workshop for Inside Sales “Michael Pedone’s philosophy of selling works. And he has a strategy that will work for you.”  Jeffrey Gitomer – Author, LITTLE RED BOOK OF SALES You’ll learn how to stop being rejected by gatekeepers, generate more voicemail call backs, properly qualify prospects […]

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Jeffrey Gitomer on Michael Pedone’s Phone Sales Strategy

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WANTED: ROI from Sales Training

How to Ensure an ROI when Training Inside Sales Reps Online Below are three key ares to focus on before, during and after each training session that will help significantly increase your odds of a high ROI with sales training. BEFORE: Attitude. Sales training is for “self-motivated” reps only! If your inside sales team needs […]

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