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How to Answer “Is That Your Best Price?”

How to Answer “Is That Your Best Price?” “I received a call back from my prospect (who is the info gatherer) regarding a proposal we’ve been working on. She said her boss (read: decision-maker) was interested in setting up a meeting with me to discuss the project further, and then she asked me if what […]

How to Avoid Losing Deals to Cheaper Competitors

“When in the negotiation phase, I’m being asked for a better price. I know this is going to happen, so I’ve started leaving a little room to move, however after I give a price break, I hear, “OK thanks, we will get back in touch with you,” but then they end up buying from my […]

The Give Me Your Best Price Objection

The Give Me Your Best Price Objection “I’m losing deals to competitors that undercut my proposal and beat my best offer. What can I do?” OK, well, there are lots of assumptions to be made here in order to answer this effectively. So let’s cover some basics such as 1) you are speaking with a […]

B2B Phone Sales Negotiations: Missed Deadline

  “I gave my prospect a pricing incentive with a deadline in order to close a deal but the deadline passed and I haven’t gotten the order from them yet… What should I do?” This is a perfectly timed question as this just happened to me as well. Before I answer it, let’s confirm a […]