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Seven Must Have Sales Techniques for 2024

Seven Sales Techniques You Should Master to Close More Deals in 2024! As we stride into a new year, 2023 provided a stark lesson for B2B businesses: the indispensable necessity for their sales representatives to acquire and master proper sales techniques. Let’s make this resoundingly clear: There exist specific sales techniques that EVERY representative should […]

The “Call Me Back After the Holidays” Sales Follow-up Call Strategy

Sales Tips, Techniques & Strategies for the: “Call Me Back After the Holidays” Follow-up Call “I’ve had several prospects tell me to call them back “after the holidays,” but now that the holidays are over, they are telling me to call next month or quarter. What gives?” That can be very frustrating for someone who […]

Dealing With Sales Appointment No-Shows

Dealing With Sales Appointment No-Shows “What should I do? How should I react when a prospect doesn’t attend a scheduled phone meeting?” OK… quick question first: Is this a FIRST-TIME CALL meeting (you or an appointment setter scheduled the call with the prospect), or is this a FOLLOW-UP CALL meeting (you’ve already spoken with the […]