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Cold Call Voicemail Scripts

📞🗣️ **Breaking Down Cold Call Voicemail Scripts: How to Get Callbacks**

🎙️ Have you ever wondered what to do when your leads don’t call you back after you leave a voicemail? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

🔎 First, let’s analyze why you might not be getting a call back. It could be that the prospects simply don’t need what you offer, or maybe they got busy and forgot to respond. Another possibility is that your first voicemail message didn’t resonate with them.

📝 If your initial message has been successful in generating callbacks, then there’s no need to change it. Stick with what’s working for the majority of your leads.

💯 However, if you’re not getting any callbacks at all, it’s time to evaluate your voicemail technique. Record your messages and listen to them objectively. Is your message clear? Is your tone engaging? Identify any areas where you can improve.

🎯 Remember, not every prospect is an opportunity. It’s important to identify where the real opportunities lie. That’s where the “Three Strikes and You’re Out” rule comes in.

⚾️ Here’s how it works: Leave a voicemail message, followed by an email and a LinkedIn connection request. That’s three touches right off the bat. If you count the call made before leaving the first voicemail, that’s four touches. This way, you’re being persistent without becoming a pest.

⏰ When making a second attempt, timing is key. Usually, it’s best to wait 24 to 48 hours after the first attempt. However, if it was a warm lead, meaning the prospect showed some interest like attending a webinar or requesting more information, you can reach out sooner.

📞 Here’s one of my go-to scripts for the second voicemail:

“Hi [Prospect’s Name], I left you a voicemail message the other day regarding [repeat your HOT BUTTON / WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM message]. I wanted to see if this is something we should discuss. I’ll be available until [time] today, and my number is 888-264-0562 Ext. 400. Again, it’s Michael Pedone from SalesBuzz.com.”

📧 Additionally, send an email with the subject line “Voicemail / Should we still discuss?” In the body of the email, ask if they would like to discuss the topic before their next sales meeting and provide a link to schedule a call with you.

📅 Including a “schedule a call” link in your emails can greatly increase the number of appointments you get. It eliminates the hassle of phone tag and minimizes back-and-forth emails about finding a suitable time. If your current tools don’t offer this feature, consider investing in a scheduling tool like Yesware, ScheduleOnce, Calendly, or TimeTrade.

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