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Happy with Our Current Vendor Phone Sales Objections

Phone Sales

Phone Sales Objections

“I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor”

If you or your sales team is struggling to put ink on the board because of phone sales objections like “I’m happy with our current vendor/supplier,” this blog post is for you.

Phone Sales Objection: “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor”

There are two spots you or your sales team will hear this common sales objection. They are:

  • Shortly after the “Hello, my name is” and
  • At the “close” of the sale following the presentation.

Let’s break them both down so you and your team can avoid losing business to this objection.

Hearing “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” at the begging of the sales call.

So, your sales calls go something like this:

Prospect: Thank you for calling ACME Inc… How can I help you?

Salesperson: Hi (Name), this is (Your Company Name). I’m calling you today because we provide (WHAT YOU DO/OFFER), and I’d love to get on your calendar to do a zoom call and tell you a little bit about it. Is Tuesday or Thursday better?

Prospect: We already have a vendor we are happy with that does that.

Now, this is where some salespeople say:

  • “OK” (and end the sales call)
  • “Yea, but were different” (and then go off into a mini sales pitch)
  • “Let me ask you this…” (the more aggressive approach, trying to take control)

All three of these above responses have very low win percentages.

And when you’re not winning, the phone gets heavier and heavier after each call.

You have to understand that it’s a GOOD THING that your prospect already has some solution for what it is that you offer. That means they are a BUYER!

By already having a solution, it means they recognized a problem and paid for a solution. These are the type of prospects you want in your life.

If they did not already have a solution, you would have to make two sales instead of one:

  • Sales #1: Getting them to see they need a solution, to begin with
  • Sales #2: Get them to want your solution.

“OK, so how do I get them to switch from their current solution to mine?”

Here’s how…

Eliminating Common Phone Sales Objections

You start by knowing who your target audience is. Think DEEP, not WIDE.

What problems would your ideal prospect have to have with their current solution that your solution solves while still handling the original problem their current solution covers? You may need to read that a few times!

If you are on the front end of the sales call and you hear:

“I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor”

It means you are not using the proper OVS (Opening Value Statement).

Think about this logically… put yourself in their shoes.

If you get a sales call and the salesperson says to you that they offer XYZ, and you already have a solution for XYZ, chances are you would also respond with “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor.”

Let me give you an example.

If I called a Sales Director and say:

“Hi (Name), this is (My Name) from SalesBuzz.com, and the reason for my call is we provide sales training for inside sales teams…”

Chance are, I’m going to hear:

  • We already have an in-house solution that we are happy with
  • We already have an outside solution we are satisfied with…

However, If I would have used a better opener like this:

“Hi (Name), this is (My Name) from SalesBuzz.com, and the reason for my call is we help inside sales teams overcome call reluctance.”

Even if they already have an in-house or outside solution, if their current solution isn’t solving the “call reluctance” issue, my prospects curiosity is going to be piqued, and I would have bought myself an additional 15-seconds (which is what I am after… I just made my first “mini-sale”… I piqued interest/curiosity)

And when you learn how to do that, you no longer hear:

“We already have someone that does that” on the front end of the sales call.

Hearing “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” at the close.

“OK. But what if we hear that on the back-end of the sales call when we go for a close?”

If you hear this on the sales call’s back-end, it means you skipped major steps in the sales call. This is an ironclad statement. As in, there are no ifs, and’s or buts. You skipped steps. You may not realize that you did, but that won’t change the fact that your sales process has gaps.

Here’s proof.

Part of the sales process is making sure you and the prospect recognize a problem exists and that the prospect wants that problem to be solved.

 This one step alone, if done, eliminates the “we already have a solution we are happy with” at the close.

You can be thankful that you are getting the objection of “we are happy with our current vendor” because it’s a clear indicator that you have room to improve.

It’s a red flag that your current phone sales training program requires an upgrade.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com – a turnkey on-demand skills-building program for inside sales teams.