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Sales Voicemail Tips

Sales Voicemail Tips

Costly Sales Voicemail Mistakes and How to Fix Them

What would happen if a recording of the last voicemail message you left with a prospect was available here for all of us to hear?

Would most of your peers reading this give you kudos, or would constructive criticism be in order?

Or would there be no recording because instead of leaving a message, you hung up because “prospects never call back anyway”?

With all the new ways to connect with prospects via Social Media, one thing that has remained constant is that at some point, you’re going to need to pick up the phone and make a call, and often that call will end up in voicemail.

To Leave or Not to Leave a Sales Voicemail Message

Suppose you don’t leave a voicemail message. In that case, you’re missing out on an excellent opportunity to get on your prospect’s radar and connect with them – not to mention how irritated they will become (there’s this thing called “Caller ID”) by you calling all the time and not leaving a message. Annoyed prospects aren’t fun to speak with when you get them live on the phone.

If you leave a voicemail and your message is riddled with common mistakes average salespeople make, you’re sabotaging yourself.

Both options end up with the same results – Zero to very low Callbacks!

The Solution:

The invention of voicemail isn’t the problem. Your voicemail strategy and execution is. To increase callbacks, you’ll need to have a game plan before picking up the phone and uttering a word. Being a “Captain Wing-It” may have worked when the economy was booming, but that isn’t going to cut it today, even with the recovery in motion.

Want to learn how to craft a winning voicemail message, minus the mistakes most salespeople make that drive prospects to hit the delete button?

We created a video that will show you exactly how to develop a voicemail strategy specifically for your industry that will help you get more prospects to start calling you back today.

Watch the video now!

Sales Voicemail Tips Video

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com: Phone Sales Training Course that Reduces Turnover, Increases Pipeline, and Shortens Sales Cycles.

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