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Setting Follow-up Sales Calls

Setting Follow-up Sales Calls When a Prospect Says, “We’ll get back to you.” “Assuming a sales rep did everything upfront correctly on a sales call, how would you handle a prospect that says: “we’ll get back to you” when trying to schedule a follow-up call?” When a prospect says, “We’ll get back to you,” after […]

No-Shows. Why prospects break their commitment

I’m having issues with prospects not answering for our scheduled phone call. We have discussed initial information and because of the complexity of our services a follow up call is usually necessary. The number of people that do not answer the phone for that scheduled call is ridiculously high to me, any tips in fixing […]

Trouble Setting Sales Appointments?

How do I respond when a prospect rejects my 20-minute call or meeting request? I need 20 minutes to show them how I can help save them time and money! My current rebuttal is this: “If you could find 20 minutes on your calendar, I would love to have a conversation with you to hear […]

Sales Appointments: Getting Prospects to Show Up

“What is the best way to make sure prospects show up and don’t skip out on sales appointments? I send calendar reminders, but my cancellation/no-show rate is still too high.” There are different “stages” or scenarios regarding sales appointments. For example, you could be setting up a sales appointment for one of your field (face […]

How to Set Sales Appointments that Stick

How to Set Sales Appointments that Stick “When cold calling, how can our sales team make strong appointments that stick?” Setting sales appointments has two common problems: Initial interest (“No, thanks, we already have someone that takes care of that,” etc.) Cancellations / No-Shows. These two common sales challenges aren’t a byproduct of sales. They […]

Appointment Setting: How to get Hard to Reach Decision Makers on the Phone

Today’s outbound sales advice seems to be focused on two things: PERSONALIZATION and CADENCE. Yet, a lot of sales reps are still struggling to hit their numbers. And by numbers, I mean their REAL numbers. If you run an outbound sales team you’ll only be employed for so long by having great open rates or […]

The "Can You Send Me Some Literature?" Blow-off

“One of the push backs I get when calling and trying to set initial appointments is “Can you send me some literature?” Can you share how you handle that response and what success you have had?” The best way I’ve found to handle the “Can you send me some literature” response is to realize that […]

Ditch the Decision Maker?

“I’m having a hard time getting decision makers to agree to a (phone) meeting. A colleague recommended that I start contacting “influencers” instead of “decision makers”. The theory would be that the influencers would become strong proponents and would push internally for our solution. Is this a wise strategy?” My biggest concern is the “why“. […]

Tired of Cancelled Conference Calls?

“What can I do to keep prospects from canceling our conference call?” I could probably write a small book on this one subject alone… or at least a really deep chapter. So what I will share with you here instead is one small step to add to your sales process that will be easy to […]

Appointment Setting 101: Your First 10 Seconds

Appointment Setting 101 I’m Not Hitting My Appointment Setting Quota and Need Help. Here’s my current opener: “Hi (PROSPECTS NAME) this is (MY NAME) with (MY COMPANY), thanks for taking my call. (PROSPECTS NAME), very quickly, we work with companies in your industry and provide targeted advertising, social media, email marketing, SEO, and affiliate marketing […]