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How to Handle Holiday Sales Objections Over the Phone

How to Handle Holiday Sales Objections Over the Phone “I’m starting to get the “CALL ME BACK AFTER THE HOLIDAYS” Stall. What should I do? Are these legitimate requests?” OK, let’s start by me asking you a question or two… Question 1: Have you ever called a prospect back after the holidays? I’m going to […]

The “We’re Going to Hold Off” Email

How to Respond to The “We’re Going to Hold Off” Email “My sale was moving along and was on the verge of closing, but then I got an email that said, “We’re going to hold off” – What happened? And how do I respond in this situation?” When this situation happens, usually, there are two […]

The “I want to think about it” Sales Objection

“I want to think about it” It’s never fun to hear a prospect say “I need to think about it” when you go for a close. So it’s understandable that salespeople seek advice on how to respond to this sales objection. A LinkedIn Sales Group had over 200 responses offering advice to someone that asked: […]

The “Just email me something” Sales Objection

“How do you handle the “Just email me something” blow-off?” If you are hearing “just email me something” on a regular basis, your sales process is causing that to happen. Having a snarky response prepared means you aren’t fixing the real problem. The reason most salespeople get that response is that they: Get the prospect […]

Inside Sales: Steps to Handle and Reduce Objections

Inside Sales Podcast: Steps to Handle and Reduce Objections by Michael Pedone and VanillaSoft  Are sales objections getting you down? Are you getting burned out coming up with responses to deal with the excuses your prospects fire back at you? Do you have a plan to help avoid objections from the start, but it’s […]

How to Overcome “I’m Not Interested” Objection

How to Overcome the Objection Not Interested “What do I do when I finally get ahold of a prospect I’ve been chasing and they respond with – “I got your message, I’m not interested”?” How to overcome the objection not interested. If you hear the “I’m not interested” objection from prospects regularly, you have a […]

Sales Presentation Help: The REJECTION EMAIL – B2B Inside Sales

“How do you deal with getting a rejection email (Such as: Thank you for presenting the benefits of your program. After careful consideration we do not feel that this is the right time for us to be pursuing your offerings) after giving a presentation a few days earlier?” Answer: When this happens there are usually […]

The “Just send me some information” Objection

“I’m an Inside Sales person making cold calls selling B2B services. I often hear “Just send me some information” and I’m having a hard time overcoming this objection. How should I respond?” This is a common objection for a lot of inside sales reps. When I first got into sales, I used to hear this […]

The Best Way to Handle the “I want to think about it” Objection

“I frequently get to the close only to hear the prospect say “I want to think about it” – I’ve tried numerous rebuttals but nothing seems to really work. Any suggestions?” The best way to handle the “I want to think about it” objection is to make sure you follow a sales process that eliminates […]

Buying Signal Or Stall?

“How do I determine, when my prospect asks for a free demo/trial if it’s a BUYING SIGNAL or just a STALL TACTIC to get me off the phone?”  You can uncover if the “free demo/trial” request is a buying signal or a stall with one question: “Mr. Prospect, assume for a moment you go through […]

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