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In a Sales slump? 3 Action Steps to Work Your Way Out Of It

How to Get Out of a Sales Slump “I’m in a sales slump and don’t know what to do to get out of it. What action steps can I take to change my situation?” Being in a sales slump is never fun. And a bad one can shake your foundations to the core, to the […]

The Prospect That Never Buys

“I have a prospect that says he loves our stuff and is always willing to take my call, but he never buys. What can I do?” I’ve seen this plenty of times (it was usually happening to someone in the cubicle next to me) Here are some of the top reasons why this happens: 1: […]

Selling in a Highly Competitive Market

Struggling to Sell In a Competitive Market? It’s not the competition. It’s your lack of sales skills. “I need help with cold calling. I sell printing and marketing services. Since my market is highly competitive, my biggest rejections are “we get it through corporate” or “we already have a vendor / have established a relationship […]

Four (4) Inside Sales Solutions to Hit Quota

Your Inside Sales Team Missed Quota, Again? Did your inside sales team miss quota again? Here are four areas that have proven to help Sales VPs, Directors, and Managers hit their sales goals consistently: Four (4) Inside Sales Solutions to Hit Quota Inside Sales Solution #1: Defined ICP (Ideal Customer Profile) Defining your ICP is […]

How to Recover After Losing a Sales Deal

How to Recover After Losing a Sale “I’ve been working a nice size deal for a while that I was sure was going to come in – and now they decided to hold off. I needed that deal to help me hit my monthly quota – but now it’s not going to happen, and I’m […]

Calling Warm Leads

“We use a lead management system ( that allows us to callback warm leads within less than a minute of the prospect requesting information from our site. So why do I still need an “enticing” opening value statement script? They are already “warm” and are requesting more information… this isn’t a cold call where they […]

Call Me Back In 30-Days Blow-Off

How should I respond when a prospect says “Call Me Back In 30-Days” on a first-time call? The first thing we need to look at is your original opening value statement. If you hear this type of response daily, chances are what you are saying after “Hello, my name is…” is causing the problem. You […]

End of Month Sales Quota Pressure

End of Month Sales Quota Pressure – How to Deal When Deals Are Short “I’m struggling to hit my sales quota, and the month ends in a few days… What can I do?” OK, so here’s the problem: You’re stressed. Bills are piling up, and the month is closing in on you fast. Deals you […]

What if this is the new norm?

Captain Obvious here: we are living in historic times. A 100-years from now, our time period and generation will be talked about in history classes, although we aren’t sure if those future classes will be in-person or online/virtual settings. They’ll talk about how borders were closed down along with all the major, minor, and youth […]

Work from Home Inside Sales Tips

Work from Home Inside Sales Tips Working from home as an inside sales rep is fantastic. But not because you’ll have Netflix or Xbox at your fingertips with no one around to check up on you. Working from home gives you a chance to be HAPPIER and more productive. When you work from home, you: […]