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Sales Voicemail Script: What to Say On Your Second Message

Sales Voicemail Script “What Should I Say On My Second Voicemail Message?” “If I leave a voicemail message on my first call in the morning, and I get voicemail again on my second attempt (either later that day or the next time I try and reach them) what do I say when that happens?” OK, […]

B2B Social Selling Tips

B2B Social Selling Tips: How to Differentiate From the Competition and Win More Sales! When salespeople discuss how to “differentiate themselves from the competition,” the discussions are about one’s USPs (Unique Selling Propositions) No doubt, that’s a key area salespeople need to be strong in, however; if you really want to separate yourself from the competition to […]

When an OBJECTION is More than Just Another Objection

Are you letting common sales objections tank your career? A few days ago I had to bring my car into the dealer for normal service. While there I went and said “Hi” to the sales manager. As we chatted, I noticed their “up” log (it’s a form that has the salespersons name, the prospects name […]

How to Craft Winning Sales Presentations

SALES PRESENTATION TIPS: “I am putting together a sales presentation for an account that I really want to win. Do you have a few SalesBuzz presentation tips for me?” When crafting sales presentations, I follow this three-step formula: Problem, Solution, Benefit Method. Problem From the prospect’s perspective, the sales presentation is your solution to their […]

Sales Meetings: When is Best?

“When is the best time to have a regularly scheduled sales team meeting?” Depends on what your definition of “team meeting” is as well as what are you attempting to accomplish with a sales meeting. One of the fastest ways to kill sales motivation is to have a pointless meeting that drains your inside sales […]

It’s time for some honesty on LinkedIn

With LinkedIn becoming more and more like FaceBook every day – you would think EVERYBODY but YOU, is winning. I too, see their self-promoting videos while they drive around in the back of their cars (pretending they have a chauffeur) or rolling up to their (rented) private plane. Or, legitimately boasting about how they are […]

Filled with Sales Call Anxiety? This may help…

“I’m new to inside sales and get very nervous before making calls… What Can I Do to Reduce My Sales Call Anxiety?” I need to share a personal story with you. Early on in my sales career as a straight commissioned inside sales rep, I used to suffer from the same sales call anxiety you […]

5-Step Plan that Helps Good Salespeople Become Great

“I’ve have over 7 years of sales experience (not all with the same company) but have yet to reach that “Top Sales Rep” status based on my numbers… What do I need to do?” Everyone “wants” to be considered one of the best but only a few are willing to do what it takes to […]

How to Improve Phone Sales Skills Long Term

Has “No Thanks,” “Not Interested,” and “We’re All Set (Click)” responses turned your once stellar phone sales confidence into “rejection anxiety”? If it has, I’m willing to bet it’s more than pride that has taken a hit. The adverse effects of “sales phobia” are also felt in the wallet on paydays. Simple “Cause and Effect” […]

Which Inside Sales Activity Metrics Matter?

“Do you have any general figures on the number of attempts vs actual conversation just so I can grasp a baseline? Are 50 cold call attempts to talk to 3 to have 1 good conversation low or high or average?” I feel like you are looking for a perfect formula for stats to be successful […]