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How to Craft Winning Sales Presentations


“I am putting together a sales presentation for an account that I really want to win. Do you have a few SalesBuzz presentation tips for me?”

When crafting sales presentations, I follow this three-step formula:

Problem, Solution, Benefit Method.


From the prospect’s perspective, the sales presentation is your solution to their problem. However, too many salespeople start (and end) their presentation by explaining all the “features” their product or service has. BORING.

If you want to get their attention and have them “leaning in” to hear what you have to say, start your sales presentation off with a “hot button” problem that your target audience is currently dealing with – including problems that earlier attempts at solving it, created – and get buy-in/agreement that those problems exist.


Salesperson: “One of the challenges sales managers face when it comes to improving their team’s phone skills through sales training is logistics. Traditionally you send your team to an off-site seminar or you fork over a ton of cash to bring someone in-house. Either way, you have your whole team off the phones for a day and no guarantee that the training will improve sales.”

And now you could even add on:

Salesperson: “Some managers end up just buying books for their team to read on their own but barely ever see improved results. Meanwhile, a ton of time has been wasted and your CEO’s patience to see results is running out. Let me show you how we help solve that problem.”


And now that you have their attention (and agreement on a problem they can relate to) you transition right into how your product/service solves that problem.

WARNING: Stay on point.

No need to “try and build value” by overloading them with additional features you offer unless they’ve expressed an interest or it is relevant to solving the most important problems they said were important to them (you would have discovered these “PROBLEMS” in the QUALIFYING phase of your sales process)

Once you’ve explained your solution, you now drop down to:


Explaining the benefits your solution solves to their problems brings the presentation full circle. And managing the presentation this way allows your prospects the ability to follow the path of making an informed, educated decision.

  1. We’ve identified a problem they can relate to and want to have go away;
  2. You’ve explained how your solution solves their problem and…
  3. You capped it off with explaining the end result (benefits) they can expect to receive.

This is a simple yet highly effective “rule of thumb” guideline to follow when crafting presentations that will help you win more accounts.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches outbound sales teams exactly what to say to get sales conversations started with hard to reach decision-makers. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.