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Tips for Dealing with End of Month Sales Stress

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How to Deal with End of Month Sales Stress

“I’ve been in sales for a while and I still get nauseated at the end of each month as I try and hit my numbers. Besides the obvious advice of “hit your numbers early”, do you have any other tips on how to reduce stress during this time?”

Right so obviously the best way to avoid stress during the end of the month is to hit your number before the last week of the month hits your calendar; and although that is great advice, we all know that isn’t always going to be the case so we need a Plan B on how to deal with the end of month sales stress.

One simple trick I use to improve my chances of hitting quota at the end of the month is to do this…
Starting around Friday of the 3rd week, I start prospecting for new business with a focus on lining up NEXT MONTH’S pipeline!

Doing this has several benefits:

  • It takes my focus off of “closing deals now” which means I’m more relaxed in making my sales calls. The last thing I want to do is lose a deal because I was blinded to the prospects’ needs as I was too focused on my own needs to hit my end-of-month sales number.
  • It sets up my next month with pipeline ahead of schedule which will help me reach Plan A next month (hit my numbers early)
  • I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made prospect calls at the end of the month with the focus on building up to next month’s numbers and ended up closing a few last-minute deals THIS MONTH, which ended up helping me hit my numbers after all. I think it goes back to having my tone and intention focused on the prospect. They didn’t feel my pressure for closing deals now – we simply had a conversation, found a problem they wanted solved, liked my solution and decided to move forward sooner rather than later.

Keep in mind, I still make calls to try and close the deals I’ve been working in my pipeline – I just don’t ONLY focus on them.

It’s understandable why salespeople stress at the end of the month but it should never be acceptable to push that stress on your prospects. You will surely lose deals if the prospect feels you are only doing what is in YOUR best interest

Following the simple plan above will help ensure that you have your focus where it needs to be: helping your prospects.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com: Phone Sales Training Course that Reduces Turnover, Increases Pipeline, and Shortens Sales Cycles.

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