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The “No News” Follow Up Sales Call

Follow Up Sales Call

The “No News” Follow-Up Sales Call

“What do you do when you are following up with a prospect and they have nothing new to report and say they will call you when something changes?”

The short answer is: MOVE ON TO THE NEXT CALL.

Salespeople need to be careful not to overanalyze every call or allow a call that didn’t go their way to ruin their psyche.

So if a prospect was once hot but is now giving you the cold shoulder, I wouldn’t lose an ounce of sleep over it.

No matter what I was selling, I always believed that in every sale made, my clients always got the better end of the deal (meaning the benefits received far outweighed the fee paid) so they either A) know what’s best for their business and timing just might not be right, right now or B) they are making a huge mistake.

Either way, I’ve personally found it best to simply move on to the next call rather than get all wrapped up in the “what went wrong” game. Unless…

Unless you are hearing this objection FREQUENTLY.

If you are getting this objection on a regular basis, it’s a sign that your sales process is missing a few key pieces. Here’s what I mean…

There are 3 common scenarios where the “we’ll call you when something changes” objection frequently happens:

1) You never really had their interest, to begin with;
2) You have their interest but aren’t speaking with the decision maker;
3) You have their interest and have the right person but their purchasing process isn’t aligned with your monthly quota deadline.

In all three of these scenarios, a solid step-by-step sales process will greatly reduce these types of sales objections from happening to begin with.

Asking the right qualifying questions in a logical sequential order will turn the sales call into a conversation while properly identifying your prospect’s interest, role, and time frame – and having all of that covered in the first call often turns the follow-up call into a hand shake rather than a disappointment.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the CEO & Creator of SalesBuzz.com’s How to Sell with Confidence Online Sales Training Course

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