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How Many Sales Email Attempts Should I Make?

“How Many Email Attempts Do you Make to an Inbound B2B Sales Lead before Giving up?”

What I don’t understand is why are you emailing them instead of calling them? If you are fortunate enough to have a warm sales lead (that’s what inbound leads are – warm leads) why are you forcing the prospect to have to raise his/her hand twice in order to get your help?
So to answer your question, my answer is ZERO and here’s why:
Warm leads tend to do three things:

  • They shop around. Chances are you aren’t the only solution provider they contacted. While you’re wasting time crafting that “perfect email” – the top sales person at your competition already picked up the phone and is speaking with your hot prospect.
  • They BUY. Warm leads are warm for a reason – they most likely have a problem they want solved and they want it solved quickly. The “early bird gets the worm” saying is for a reason. If you’re sending emails and your competitors are calling and having discussions, they will win more of those deals.
  • They Grow Cold – Fast. Warm leads go cold very fast. Decision makers have a lot on their plate just like the rest of us. Wait too long to make contact with a prospect, don’t be surprised if this once “gotta solve it now” problem is no longer a priority and is pushed to the back-burner. You need to strike while the iron is hot.

“But what if I call and I get their voicemail? What do I say?”

You should EXPECT to get their voicemail and not be surprised or defeated because of it. Voicemail is actually a great sales tool for inside sales reps that know how to utilize it to their advantage.
So when you have a warm lead and you call and get the prospect’s voicemail, here’s what you are going to say in order to get them to call you back…

“Hi (PROSPECT’S NAME) this is (YOUR NAME) with (YOUR COMPANY) and I understand you’re curious about (mention problems your solution solves). There’s a possibility we may be able to help you with that plus I’d like to see if you’d qualify for one of our incentives. You can reach me at (YOUR NUMBER). Again this is (YOUR NAME) at (YOUR COMPANY) and you can reach me at (YOUR NUMBER).”

For more on how to leave a perfect voicemail message that gets prospects to call back, view our voicemail strategies webinar.

– Michael Pedone
Michael Pedone teaches outbound sales teams exactly what to say to get sales conversations started with hard to reach decision makers. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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