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How to be Better at Selling by Phone

“What are some of the things I can do differently in order to be better at selling by phone?”

Here are three easy “to-do’s” inside sales tips that will have a huge impact on increasing your sales numbers:



“Whoa,” you say? If having your sales calls recorded scares you, it most likely means that you stand to gain huge dividends from doing so, right away. Top salespeople seek out what areas they are flawed in and attack those areas religiously. Weak salespeople strut around the office as if they are King Tut and vigorously DEFEND their poor sales skills and habits.

Decide which type of salesperson you want to be.



Ahh, you thought this was going to get easier? The only thing salespeople fear more than cold calling is role-playing in front of their peers, but I promise you, role-playing on a consistent basis is one of the fastest ways I know to get BETTER.

Here are some guidelines/rules to help you get the most out of role-playing:

  • Pick a subject for the day and stay on point. Here are some examples:
    • Making a first-time call and the gatekeeper answers
    • Making a first-time call and you get voicemail
    • Making a first-time call and you get the decision-maker
    • Making a follow-up call and you get voicemail
    • Making a follow-up call and you get the decision-maker
  • Keep the role-playing time short.
    • A maximum of 20-minutes is best in my experience.
  • Critiques are welcomed. Criticism is not. We are trying to get better, not tear each other down.



Be open to taking someone under your wing at the office and share your (proven) sales techniques, knowledge and experiences.

Not only is it good karma, but it will help keep you sharp, alert, and prepared for your own sales calls.

– Michael Pedone

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