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Outbound Sales Cadence Examples for A to Z Reps

Most outbound sales cadence examples focus on BDR teams (business development reps), but what about the individual salespeople that handle the entire sales process from A to Z, or should I say “P” to “C” (Prospect to Close)?

For full-cycle sales reps, managing your day to get the most success can be a challenge. It’s not hard to get focused on doing the wrong sales activities first and working your way into a sales slump with a dry pipeline.

Having a sales cadence that works is critical to help structure your day.

To do that, start with the Divide and Conquer strategy.

You have two types of sales calls:

First-time calls and Follow-up calls.

The definition of a first-time call is reaching out to a prospect until you get a hold of them and have a conversation.

The definition of a follow-up call means you’ve had a previous conversation, and for whatever reason, the deal didn’t close on the last call, and now, a follow-up call is necessary.

Let me be crystal clear here. If you call a prospect for the very first time and do not get a hold of them, when you try again, this is still a first-time call. It is NOT a follow-up call because you have yet to speak with the prospect.

In your CRM, you would label your sales cadence calls as follows:

  • FTC #1 (First Time Call Attempt #1)
  • FTC #2 (First Time Call Attempt #2)
  • FTC #3 (First Time Call Attempt #3)

Labeling your sales cadence calls like this will help in several ways:

You aren’t going to say the same thing on every call attempt when you get the gatekeeper or the prospect’s voicemail. Knowing which FTC (first-time call) number you are on in the sales cadence will help you select the right message for that particular call.

By keeping track of the number of attempts you have completed will help you determine how much time and energy you want to put in with each particular lead. Not all prospects/leads are created equal. Some will be worth chasing more than others. You get to decide when to fish or cut bait.

So now that we have that out of the way, here’s how to use the right sales cadence to divide and conquer your sales call tasks so you can build pipeline and close more deals.

Sales Cadence Examples: The A.M. (9 AM till Noon)

First things first, you should start your day with your list of first-time calls (FTC #1) prospects ready to go. Either the night before or you get into work a little early and build your list of 20-brand new prospects.

9:00 AM to 10:45 AM: All out FTC #1 Calls. You are calling the 20 new leads you prospected (either last night or early this morning)

10:45 AM to 11:00 AM: Buffer Zone. Take a quick break (I usually walk the dog outside and get some fresh air) check emails, handle any personal texts, etc.

11:00 AM till Noon: POWER-HOUR #1. Power-hour is all out dials. Butts in Seats. This is where you are calling all of your FTC #2, #3, #4, #5 ETC that are due that day.

Sales Cadence Examples: The P.M. (1 PM till 4 PM)

1 PM till 4 PM: This is your time to focus on all the deals that are in your pipeline already. Deals that need follow-up calls but don’t have specific dates/times on the calendar.

Most sales reps will start their day by making “follow-up” calls first because they are “easier.” The problem with that strategy is, you rarely make as many “first-time” calls as you should per day if you put it off until later in the day. That is how pipelines run dry, numbers tank and sales reps fall into a sales slump.

By having a sales cadence that holds yourself accountable for putting first things first, you will have a structure to your day, build your pipeline, and increase sales.

4 PM to 5 PM: POWER-HOUR #2

You want to end your day strong. Any of the FTC #1, #2, #3, etc. that you had planned to contact today that you did not get to and any follow-up calls that you may not have had a chance to get to, now is the time to do it.

The formula for sales success is simple: Skills + Output = Results.

Following a pure sales cadence like this consistently will help increase sales and ward-off any potential sales slumps.

– Michael Pedone

Founder of SalesBuzz.com; An Award-Winning Online Sales Training Company that offers programs that Engage, Measure, and Increase Sales Performance. – Online Instructor-led & On-demand Sales Skills Workshops Available.

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