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Sales Goals for Inside Sales Reps

Sales Goals for Sales Reps

Sales Goals for Sales Reps

“What Should My Individual Sales Goals Be?”

Great question. It tells me that you are a self-motivated individual who wants to have a say in your fate. You are already a step ahead of the herd.

Are We Talking about “Activity” or “Results” Sales Goals?

“Activity” sales goals are what you do daily, weekly, monthly to achieve your “Results” goals.

Sales Goals for Sales Reps: Activity Goals (Also known as Process Goals)

My personal activity sales goals have ranged anywhere from:

  • Listen to motivational audiobooks on the way to work
  • Get to work at least 15 minutes early (if you’re on time, you’re late)
  • Role-play for 15-minutes
  • Make 60+ dials per day and or have at least 3 hours of talk time
  • Read one new sales book a quarter
  • Attend new sales seminars and or webinars every 6-months

Setting these types of “activity goals” was aligned to help me achieve my “results” goals.

Sales Goals for Sales Reps: Results Goals (Also known as Outcome Goals)

Early in my sales career, the individual sales goals started with “make enough money to pay the bills.”

The funny thing about achieving a goal is you tend to want to set another one a little higher.

So “making enough to pay the bills” quickly grew to:

  • Pay-off debt;
  • Kids College Fund;
  • Build a Retirement Fund.

Most salespeople have a goal to get into the 6-figure bracket. Early in my sales career, that was a big goal for me as well.

But the goal wasn’t about the “money.” It was about what the money could do.

The more we earn, the more choices we have. And the great thing about sales is, there’s no financial ceiling.

The better we are at what we do, the more we can earn. The more we make, the more options we have available to us.

I’m not a fan of setting “sales goals” to have them. 

There has to be a reason. Something that springs you out of bed and has you burning the candle late into the night.

Tap into what really motivates you – your “results” goals – and then create a list of “activity” goals that will consistently reach your destination when done day-in and day-out. 

And as the sky is the limit as far as our earning potential goes in sales, so too should be your goals.

Find what was planted deep inside you and get to it.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone helps inside sales teams overcome call reluctance, increase confidence, and close more deals. He is the author of SalesBuzz.com’s highly successful online sales courses.

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