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Three Easy Ways to Get Your Prospect’s Email Address

“In your voicemail strategies webinar, you mentioned we should follow-up our VM with an email. What’s the best way to obtain the prospect’s email address to supplement the voice message we leave?”

The best way to get your prospect’s email address is by having a high interest (WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM) webinar that attracts your targeted audience to you.

A webinar that would help your target audience solve a problem. This way you will have a bunch of new leads that includes their email address AND (as long as the webinar was done right) they will have a favorable view of you and your company on how you can help them in the future.

With that said, since you are asking post lead generation, here are three easy ways to get your prospect’s correct email address after the lead was generated:

1) The Gatekeeper

If you are getting put through to voicemail, before the gatekeeper transfers you over say:

“You know, before you transfer me, it might be easier to send her the outline/PDF so she can review it when she has a moment, and then she can get back to me that way. What email address should I send that to?” Or “What’s the best email address to send that to?”

Once the gatekeeper gives you the email, you still ask to be transferred because:

  • You still want to leave your voicemail message and
  • They may be back at their desk or off the phone now and might answer.

CAUTION: Don’t be caught off guard! Be prepared as you are getting transferred to voicemail in case they DO pick up!

2) LinkedIn

Look your prospect up on LinkedIn and send them a connection request. Make it short and sweet with a hint of value:

“Hi (Prospect’s Name) Just left you a VM regarding how we helped (competitor) solve/gain/overcome (pain point hot button) and I’d like to add you to my LinkedIn connections in case you decide we may be of some help to you as well in the future.”

If they accept your request, you can view their CONTACT INFO and get their email address that way.

3) The Database

Search your database for other prospects that are from that same company, and see if they have an email address. If you find one, chances are your prospect’s email address may be formatted the same way as the other prospects.

So for example, if a lead from the same company has their email address as FirstName.LastName @ Company-Domain DOT com or FirstInitialLastName @ Company-Domain DOT com, there’s good reason to believe your prospect’s email address will be formatted in that same way.

You can also now call the gatekeeper as well and say:

“Hi, yes, I’m about to send an email to (Prospect’s Name), and I just wanted to verify their address. I have (First Name @ Domain-Name DOT com) is that correct?”

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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