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Top 20 Online Sales Training Companies

SalesBuzz.com Selected as a Top 20 Online Sales Training Company for 2020

Finding a sales training company that will inject a shot of enthusiasm while boosting revenue just got easier.

SellingPower Magazine just announced its Top 20 Online Sales Training Companies for 2020

There’s very little room for error when selecting the best sales training company to help you achieve your company’s’ sales goals. The right company can help lift your sales team’s mood and numbers, but a sales consultant offering misaligned sales techniques can cause your numbers to drop.

SellingPower put together an in-depth vetting process to help companies narrow down the best of the best when it comes to online instructor-led and on-demand sales training programs.

The main criteria used when comparing applicants and selecting the companies to include on the 2020 list of Top 20 Online Sales Training Companies were:

  • Strategies to keep participants engaged, including engagement metrics tracked
  • Platform and applications used for delivery of online training
  • The scope and breadth of online offerings (e.g., on-demand course offerings, online/virtual instructor-led offerings)
  • Methodologies for supporting participant retention
  • Strength of client feedback as it relates to customer support, ROI, ease of use, and overall client satisfaction

Having a 3rd party that has vetted and published a list of highly competent sales training companies dramatically increases the chances of getting an ROI with sales training.

SellingPower and SalesBuzz

The idea of “SalesBuzz” started back in 2008, and in 2009, Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO and Founder of SellingPower Magazine, interviewed Michael Pedone. (See video below)

“My first introduction of SellingPower magazine was back in the late 1990’s – I was a straight-commission inside sales rep and went to ask my general sales manager for advice about a deal. After our talk, I noticed this magazine on his desk and asked if I could read it. He replied, “sure… you can have it”. I read it from cover to cover and then paid for a subscription and learned a lot from it over the years.”

What Took So Long to Be Recognized by a powerhouse such as SellingPower?

I started SalesBuzz as a Solopreneur. No one was doing online training when I began… at least not successfully. But I believed in the concept, and I knew my sales skills, techniques, and content were second to none. I’ve proven that going back to basics is the best and fastest way to get salespeople to perform at a high level.

But I’m competing with established brick and mortar sales training companies and franchises that produce 100M dollars a year in revenue. Thankfully, I read the “little engine that could” as a kid.

“You created the ROI engine and moved the needle for your clients! Congrats on your success!” – Gerhard Gschwandtner

Why Do You Think You’ve Been Successful in This Space?

“I know what it feels like to have the phone seem like a 25lbds weight, and you don’t want to pick it up anymore.

That happens when the level of your sales success falls below your minimum acceptable level, and you feel stuck. I’ve been there. I know what I did to get out of that scenario, and in doing so, I created a simple step-by-step sales process that checks all the boxes on how to start a conversation, qualify, present, and close the deal. And it’s teachable.

There’s a science to selling, but it’s not rocket science. Learning the road map of each step in the sales process changes everything. And I love being part of the solution that helps teams reach their sales potential.” Michael Pedone

SellingPowers, Gerhard Interviewing Michael Pedone in 2009:

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.


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