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I’m Your New Account Manager…

“I’m just calling to introduce myself as your new account manager”

The other day I posted a sales position opening on a well-known job site. A few days later a sales rep from that company called me. This is how the call went:

Me: “Thank you for calling SalesBuzz.com this is Michael, how can I help you?”

Salesperson: “Hi, um yes, is this Michael Pedone?”

Me: “Yes, how can I help you?”
Salesperson: “I’m just calling to introduce myself as your new account manager.”
Now let’s stop the call right there. I’ve been doing this long enough to know that the real reason this person is calling is to see if I’m a new revenue source for him. In other words, since I just posted a job listing, he wants to establish a “relationship” so any future job postings I do, he will get credit. At least that was my impression from the instant analysis that I did (don’t think for a minute that your prospects aren’t “analyzing” you on the spot either)

Here’s the problem…

The salesperson is only calling to see if I can help him. And that message came through loud and clear. Even though all he said was “I’m just calling to introduce myself as your new account manager”.

So my “tone” turned on a dime the second I realized it wasn’t an inbound lead AND the fact that he was calling to see how I could help him. Again, at least that was my impression.

The gentleman was quickly blown off the call. And the email he sent with his contact info was deleted a second after I received it. What do you want to bet it happens to you as well if you use that kind of opening line (“I’m calling to introduce myself as your new account manager”)?

Come on, Give the Guy a Break…

A break? You think I’m being too harsh. How about this…

What would it have been like if his opening line was this instead:

“Hi ______, this is ________ with _______. Reason for my call is I have a few ideas on how to help you get more qualified applicants to respond to your recent job placement ad and if I caught you at a good time, I’d go over them with you real quick, would that be OK?”

Now, who in their right mind would blow that call off?

The salesperson still has the same OBJECTIVE… to determine if I can be a source of revenue for him. The approach however is much different. One is all about what I can do for him, and the other is how he can help me get what I’m after. I’m willing to pay people that can help me get what I’m after.
And I’m willing to bet, your prospects feel the same way.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone is the founder of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company that teaches Phone Sales Tips, Techniques & Strategies that Increase Revenue.