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How to Write Sales Scripts That Work

How to Write a Sales Script Sales Call Scripts Not Working? Most sales call scripts create more problems than they solve. The two most common reasons for that are 1) The script is not written with the proper steps in place, and 2) no one ever taught the sales reps what each step of the […]

Sales Call Not Going Your Way?

Sales Call Not Going Your Way? Do this before hanging up! “What should I do when a sales call isn’t going the way I had hoped and I feel like I’m running out of time or losing them?” When a sales call isn’t going your way, tension builds quickly as you scramble to find some […]

How To Get Past The Gatekeeper When…

How To Get Past The Gatekeeper When… “What do you say to a gatekeeper who won’t patch you through to your prospect’s voicemail and wants to take a message instead?” If you OCCASIONALLY run into a gatekeeper that won’t even put your call to voicemail, you would leave the same message with the gatekeeper that […]

The “How Much Is It?” Question

How to Handle the Prospects “How Much Is It?” Sales Question “What should I do when a prospect asks the “HOW MUCH IS IT?” question? No matter how I answer, they never buy.” The “How Much Is It” question can be a dangerous one for salespeople to handle because there are different scenarios that this […]

Cold Call Voicemail Scripts – What to Say If They Didn’t Call You Back

Cold Call Voicemail Scripts: Message #2 What to say if they didn’t call you back “I took your voicemail strategies webinar, and it helped increase my callbacks, but what should I do with the leads that don’t call me back after I leave a voicemail? Should I try them again? And if so, what do […]

Sales Call Talk Track

What Is a Sales Call Talk Track? A sales call talk track definition is: “A checklist designed to assist you during a call with a prospect. The purpose of the Talk Track is to ensure that you leave the sales call with all the critical information required to qualify the opportunity and move the sales […]

The Sales Follow Up Email

The Sales Follow Up Email Template What do you do when a warm lead goes cold, doesn’t answer the phone, won’t call you back, or respond to your sales follow-up emails? Here’s my sales follow-up email template for trying a different angle to move the needle and get a prospect that was once hot and […]

3 Best Cold Call Opening Lines

3 Best Cold Call Opening Lines The best cold call opening lines do two things: They pique the prospect’s interest within the first few seconds of the call They gain permission to continue the sales call The Best Cold Call Opening Lines Avoid These Tactics When it comes to cold calling, most sales training material […]

3 Perfect Sales Voicemail Script Examples that Get Callbacks

Should Your Sales Team Leave Voicemail when Cold Calling? According to a report from VoicemailOffice,  60% of all calls go to voicemail. A study from Hiya showed that out of 11 Billion calls, only 24% of unknown calls are answered. So if your sales team is cold calling, more than half of those sales calls […]

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling: Are Scripts Really Needed?

Sales Scripts for Cold Calling Are Sales Scripts for Cold Calling Really Needed? Watch this video interview with Michael Pedone and find out.  Sales Scripts for Cold Calling by Michael Pedone Gabe Larsen: Now, a couple questions coming in. Well, we’ll get to this in a minute but quick thoughts on the scripts – […]