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How to Help New Phone Sales Reps Perform Better

How to Help New Phone Sales Reps Perform Better Do you have sales reps following the playbook but are still not producing like the rest of the team? I was recently asked: “What to do when a rep hits their KPIs, listens, and mimics top performers, AND is being COACHED but still doesn’t generate results; […]

Sales Call Follow Up Strategy

Sales Call Follow-Up Strategy When finding the best sales call follow-up strategy, I prefer to set clear definitions of what is and what is not a sales follow-up call. Example: If I call a new lead and only get the gatekeeper, voicemail, and/or send an email that does not get an initial response, the next time […]

The “No News” Follow Up Sales Call

The “No News” Follow-Up Sales Call “What do you do when you are following up with a prospect and they have nothing new to report and say they will call you when something changes?” The short answer is: MOVE ON TO THE NEXT CALL. Salespeople need to be careful not to overanalyze every call or […]

Sales Motivation Tips for Selling by Phone

Sales Motivation Tips Sales Motivation Tips for Selling by Phone Having the right sales mindset and motivation to pick up the phone day in and day out is a massive challenge for most sales reps because the rejection level can be so high, it doesn’t take long for call reluctance to set in. And it’s […]

How to Handle the BDR Sales Hand-off

“We broke our inside sales team into two groups – BDRs who prospect and qualify leads and Sales Execs who present and close. The problem is with the hand-off from BDR to Sales Execs. How do you get the prospect re-focused and back in the game? Our process is to set up a call once […]

Unqualified Leads: Follow-Up or Forget?

Unqualified Leads Piling Up In SalesForce? “What Should I do With My Unqualified Leads In My SalesForce Account? Should I continue to follow-up or just forget them?” Depends on your definition of unqualified. What is an Unqualified Lead in Salesforce? For me, a lead in salesforce is unqualified when a prospect has one or more […]

How to Get Out of a Sales Slump

“I’m in a sales slump and in serious jeopardy of falling too far behind to hit my annual sales quota. What should I do?”  Falling into a sales slump is a problem all salespeople have to deal with at some point in their career. And if you’re a straight commissioned, or heavily commissioned (low […]

Social Selling Isn’t Working For Me. Why?

“I’ve tried social selling to make sales, but I’m getting worse results than cold calling… What am I doing wrong?” Well, for starters, when you say, “social selling isn’t working” for you, how do you mean, exactly? What were you hoping “social selling” would do for you? What I find most inside sales reps doing […]

Sales Email Open Rates

Sales Email Open Rates Vs. Talk Time The most common theme I hear CMO’s, CRO’s, Business Development Directors and Sales VP’s discuss is their team’s sales email open rates. I believe their attention is in the wrong area, and it costs them, their team and their company, lots of lost revenue potential. The Sales Email […]

How to Make Morning Sales Meetings Effective

“I manage a team of work-at-home sales reps and I don’t have the ability to listen in on all of their calls. While I do attempt to coach as much as possible, the coaching is mainly based on the data that the rep puts into our CRM. Do you have recommendations for coaching inside sales […]