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Get LinkedIn Prospects to Connect With You

How Inside Sales Reps Can Turn LinkedIn Connection Requests into Opportunities “I’m an inside sales rep doing my best to take advantage of “social selling” with LinkedIn, but I’m having a hard time getting prospects to accept my connection requests. Any suggestions?” LinkedIn can be a powerful social selling tool that can help you increase […]

Outbound Sales Cadence Examples

Outbound Sales Cadence Examples: Best Practices for Inside Sales Cadences to Work Outbound sales cadence examples typically focus on action steps based on spacing. Sales Cadence Example: Day 1: CALL/VOICEMAIL/EMAIL #1 DAY 2: EMAIL #2 DAY 3: CALL/NO VOICEMAIL DAY 5: EMAIL #3 SAAS sales software tools such as Outreach, SalesLoft, and Xant (Formerly have […]

Outbound Sales Cadence Examples for A to Z Reps

Most outbound sales cadence examples focus on BDR teams (business development reps), but what about the individual salespeople that handle the entire sales process from A to Z, or should I say “P” to “C” (Prospect to Close)? For full-cycle sales reps, managing your day to get the most success can be a challenge. It’s […]

How to Get Unresponsive Prospects to Call You Back

Follow-up Sales Calls “My Contact Has Gone Cold and Isn’t Returning My Calls or Emails – Should I Try and Call Higher?” In my opinion, if your prospect is giving you the cold shoulder, calling higher will most likely only make the situation worse. Something happened that put you back in the “not worthy of […]

Rapport Building Tactics that Push Clients Away

Why Rapport Building Tactics Don’t Work (And What to Do Instead) I read another thread on a LinkedIn Group that was touting how sales reps should “build rapport” with prospects to close more business. I couldn’t disagree more with this concept. Here’s why: People may buy from people they “like.” Still, they don’t buy from […]

Your Price Is Too High Sales Objection

Your Price Is Too High Sales Objection “My sales calls consist of me following up on warm leads that our website generates. Our target audience is college students who want to make extra income working part-time at night. (We’re a bartending school) I’m frequently asked; “How much is it?” right up front when I connect […]

How to Follow Up with Trade Show Leads

How to Follow Up with Trade Show Leads “How can my inside sales team get the most out of trade show leads?” It starts with understanding why both parties participate in trade shows. The top three reasons are: Stay relevant Make new connections Generate leads As you’re collecting leads, you’re meeting new people, having great […]

Sales Cadence Examples for Cold and Warm Calling

 Sales Call Cadence Examples for Cold and Warm Calling by Michael Pedone Original Audio:  Transcription: GABE LARSON: Michael, we talked about warm and cold, that’s kind of where we left off, um and some of the things, you need to be thinking about target audience. Let’s get into maybe some of these things […]

B2B Sales Cadence Best Practices

 B2B Sales Cadence Best Practices B2B Sales Cadence Best Practices by Michael Pedone of SalesBuzz being interviewed by Gabe Larsen of – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is the founder of – a turnkey on-demand skills-building program for inside sales teams. Try a free class today.

How to Win Against Your Competition

“Michael, I took your class a few months back and I have a question, hoping you can help with. I’m in a situation where my company and 2 other vendors are in a competition for a sale. I’m wondering if you have any advice on how best to engage with the buyer to put us […]