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Cold Email Response Template

Cold Email Response Template “How do I respond when a prospect that matches our ideal customer profile responds to my cold email that they aren’t interested?” Sending cold emails is part of today’s inside sales environment. IMHO, most do it wrong, and even I have looked back at an email or two that I’ve sent […]

Lead Prospecting: How to Identify Your Targeted Audience

Lead Prospecting “My inside sales team needs to do a better job at generating targeted leads but trying to get them to prospect is like pulling teeth. Any suggestions?” I remember like it was yesterday when I started working for a company that I was really excited about, and on day one, my new boss […]

Three Easy Ways to Get Your Prospect’s Email Address

“In your voicemail strategies webinar, you mentioned we should follow-up our VM with an email. What’s the best way to obtain the prospect’s email address to supplement the voice message we leave?” The best way to get your prospect’s email address is by having a high interest (WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM) webinar that attracts […]

Cold Email Template Winner

“I need help creating a cold email template that will work. What do you recommend?” Well for starters, I recommend using valuable content delivered via email and social media marketing channels to generate warm leads rather than having sales reps send massive amounts of cold emails to prospects that are already getting bombarded with cold emails. With […]

Three Keys to Successful Prospecting

“What’s the #1 Key to Successful Prospecting?” There isn’t a “#1” Key. If you want to have success when prospecting, you’ll need to know and consistently follow several principles. Here are a few of the top “Prospecting Keys” as I see them: Successful Prospecting #1 Know how to pick your zebra out of a herd […]