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Are You Making Too Many Sales Calls?

“I read that it takes an average of 12 touches before a prospect will buy from you. I don’t want to be a pest so I try and spread out my sales calls but lately it seems all I’m doing is calling the same old leads that never call me back. Am I making too […]

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Prospecting: How to Identify Your Targeted Audience

“My inside sales team needs to do a better job at generating targeted leads but trying to get them to prospect is like pulling teeth. Any suggestions?” SalesBuzz Answer by Michael Pedone: I remember like it was yesterday when I started working for a company that I was really excited about, and on day one, […]

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Precall Planning: How Much Do You Really Need to Know Before Making a Sales Call?

“I have several inside sales reps on my team that are NOT making quota. Their output (dials) is consistently low – but they say they are doing “smart calling” and researching their prospects first. My question is this: how much do you really need to know before making a sales call?” Answer: Well, the biggest […]

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Three Keys to Successful Prospecting

“What’s the #1 Key to Successful Prospecting?” There isn’t a “#1” Key. If you want to have success when prospecting you’ll need to know and consistently follow several principles. Here are a few of the top “Prospecting Keys” as I see them: 1) Know how to pick your zebra out of a herd In other […]

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Prospecting: Email or Call First?

Sales Prospecting Question: “I’m more comfortable sending emails first to new prospects rather than calling and interrupting their day but my manager says its better to call first… who’s right?” Answer: Well, couple things here… 1) When you say “you’re more comfortable” emailing a prospect first, how do you mean, exactly? Most times when I […]

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A Bad Way to Start a Cold Email

“I need help creating a cold email template that will work. What do you recommend?” Well for starters, I recommend using valuable content delivered via email and social media marketing channels to generate warm leads rather than having sales reps send massive amounts of cold emails to prospects that are already getting bombarded with cold emails. With […]

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Three Easy Ways to Get Your Prospect’s Email Address

“In your voicemail strategies webinar, you mentioned we should follow-up our VM with an email. What’s the best way to obtain the prospect’s email address to supplement the voice message we leave?” The best way to get your prospect’s email address is by having a high interest (WHAT’S IN IT FOR THEM) webinar that attracts […]

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What Your SALES “Message” Says About You!

Hearing: “No, thanks”, “Not interested” or “We’re all set (click)” responses way too often? Your message may be the cause of it all! By Michael Pedone: So I’m in the process of looking for new office space (Expanding… woohoo!) and as I pull into this office complex, there are a few stand-alone doctors offices and […]

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Prospecting Vs Talk Time

Sales Prospecting Question: “Shouldn’t my Social Prospecting (LinkedIn, Twitter, Emails etc) be counted towards my TALK TIME selling activities?” (This question was in response to a post on how much talk time a salesperson should have per day where I recommended 60-dials & or 3 hours of talk time per day) Answer: Prospecting, INMHO, no […]

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