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How To Meet and Exceed Sales Goals: 5 Proven Action Steps

How to meet and exceed sales goals

How To Meet and Exceed Sales Goals:

5 Action Steps Proven To Work

“I want to know how to meet and exceed sales goals. Every year I set big sales goals for myself and always seem to fizzle out. What am I doing wrong?”

How to meet and exceed sales goals has many moving parts, and even with the best-laid plans, you can still come up short. And when we set big goals and start failing at them, motivation can be lost real quick.

Once that happens, we fall back into whatever routines and habits we had that led us to our previous results.

What I’ve found to be very successful is making a list of small, manageable changes that will lead to significant results if done consistently.

Here are five (5) action steps that will help you meet and exceed sales goals.

How to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals, Step #1

Get to work 20-minutes early every day and role-play. This should be easy since most of the world is still working from home – but no matter if you are back in the office or WFH, the principle is the same. Get going 20-minutes early. The only thing salespeople hate more than cold calling is role-playing; however, iron sharpens iron, and those who role-play consistently usually earn more than those you don’t.

How to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals, Step #2

Make five more sales calls a day, every day. If you are averaging 25 calls per day (which is low, but we can discuss how many sales dials per day in another blog) and you make five more calls per day, five days a week, you are adding one whole extra day of sales calls without working an additional day. Times that by 50 weeks of work, and you get 50 additional days of sales calls.

That’s more than two additional months of sales calls in 12 months (2 months because there are about 21 working days per month). The power of a minor adjustment of 5 additional calls per day has a huge impact when done consistently over the year.

How to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals, Step #3

Listen to a new motivational audiobook every quarter, if not more. Constantly feed your mind with positive influence. This can include memoirs/autobiographies and even podcasts. As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. The reverse is true as well. Get in the habit of feeding your mind, body, and spirit.

How to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals, Step #4

Read one sales/business book per quarter. Some of the toughest business challenges I’ve encountered were solved by listening to audiobooks. Tony Robbins coined NET Time – It stands for No Extra Time, and it means to feed your brain without taking time away from something else. For example, if you’re on a plane, you can read/listen to a book. Or if you’re driving, you can listen to a book on audible. By utilizing downtime to your advantage, you can gain a competitive advantage.

How to Meet and Exceed Sales Goals, Step #5

Record and listen to your own sales calls and ask others to listen and give feedback as well. This is critical. You have to be willing to be open to the fact that you might not be as good as you think you are. We all need to improve. Having the willingness to expose some areas that need improvement is a fast track to earning more money.

These are just examples and suggestions to help you kick start your creative thinking to see what areas you can easily make minor adjustments to your daily routine to get your desired sales goals and achievements.

The key to making gains will be “consistency.”

Getting to work early once in a while won’t have an impact.

Making five more calls than usual only a few times a month won’t make much of a difference.

Minor changes to our daily routine, when done consistently over time, lead to better results, and since the changes are small and easier to self manage and implement, there’s a greater likelihood you’ll stick with them and achieve the results you are after.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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