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The “No Need” Sales Objection

What should I do if a prospect call ends with the “no need” sales objection?

There are several layers to the sales onion here.

The “No Need” Sales Objection Scenario #1:

The prospect said “no need” after your opening value statement.

If your prospect responds with a version of “no need” right after your introduction, there are two factors to look at why this happened:

  1. The prospect does not match your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), and if that’s the case, what did you expect would happen?
  2. Your opening value statement NEEDS WORK.

You’re using poor sales tactics instead of being straight to the point with a “what’s in it for them” message.

Poor sales techniques include:

  • Trying to build false rapport
  • Insincere compliments (I loved your article on______. Oh, by the way, we offer BLAH BLAH BLAH)
  • Snarky one-liners: “can I have 27-seconds of your time?”

Editor’s Note: As I write this, I receive a cold sales email that states:

“I stumbled upon your Sales Buzz via LinkedIn and had the opportunity to review your website. I really found your initiative intriguing. I’d like to explore potential collaboration as I found some common values with what you are doing.”

Should I also mention that the email was sent to an incorrect email address? (I digress)

The only reason you should be calling a prospect that matches your ICP is to see if you can help them. To do that, you will have to pique their curiosity to the point where they would be willing to answer some questions.

Once you achieve that objective, you need to know which questions to ask, when to ask them, why to ask them, how to ask them, and what to do with the responses you were given.

That is sales 101. Most salespeople do not know how to achieve the first objective, which is to get the prospect willing to open up.

If that is you or your team, go back to basics. Start with making sure you have your ICP down and build your list around that criteria.

Then, create a winning opening value statement that piques the interest of your prospects.

From there, ask the right questions. You should know the first three questions you need to ask your prospect BEFORE you ever pick up the phone.

The “No Need” Sales Objection Scenario #2:

The prospect said “no need” after your qualifying/discovery questions.

Sometimes you do EVERYTHING correct, and the prospect still responds with some version of “no need / not interested.”

When that happens, and you are confident that the prospect matches your ICP, you want to run the “Plant a Seed” play.

The Plant the Seed Sales Play

You’re at the point in the sales conversation that a “sale” is not going to happen – at least not on this call. But your job isn’t over. All is not lost. You’re still in this, even if it’s for the long game.

Before you end the call, thank them for their time and now mention two to three problems that, if they ever encounter and want help solving them, you may have solutions.

It works like this:

“Well, Mr./Ms. Prospect, it doesn’t look like there’s anything I can do to help you right now. However, if you ever have a situation where _______, ________ or _______, I may have a few solutions to try that have worked extremely well with other companies in the (vertical) space. I’ll email you my contact information, and if I can be of any help to you at all, please feel free to reach out.”

What you’ve done is position yourself to be the first person they think of when a trigger event happens around one of the problems you mentioned, and they need a solution.

Now add the prospect to a drip marketing campaign that feeds them helpful insight to stay top of mind while moving on to other leads.

I know it may be hard to let the lead go however you have to remember, your job is NOT to close every lead you contact. Your job is to close as many qualified prospects, as fast as possible.

And if they don’t have a problem that your solution solves, they are not qualified (at the moment).

It’s better to end the call with the offer to help them when they need it, rather than push your solution when they don’t.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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