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10 Sales Scripts Facts You Need to Know Now

Hate Sales Scripts?

Here’s the thing about outbound phone sales scripts: there’s no actual magic in it, but when it’s done right – when the sales script is so good it sounds as natural as a chat with your neighbor – that’s when the magic happens.

Do you and your team know the difference between a good script and a mediocre one?

Take our quiz below and see if you’re ready to make magic the next time you place a sales call.

1)    TRUE OR FALSE: Sales Scripts Sound Unnatural and Robotic.

FALSE. Sales scripts don’t sound “scripted”. People Do. Every Oscar winning actor had a script. The difference was, they didn’t make it sound like a script. When you have a road map to follow, with the leeway improvising when called for, you have a winning combination.

2)    TRUE OR FALSE: Today’s Prospects Now Drive the Sales Conversation.

FALSE. If your prospect is the one asking all the questions, you’re not a sales person. You’re an order taker. Top sales reps know how to get prospects into a conversation in order to determine if their solution solves the prospect’s problem.

3)    TRUE OR FALSE: A Sales Script Turns Rapport-Building into a Pitch and Product Dump.

TRUE, if it’s a poorly written sales script. Don’t blame the script. Blame the author of the script.

4)    TRUE OR FALSE: Sales Scripts Don’t Uncover Prospect Pains or Desires.

FALSE. A properly structured sales script will pique interest in the first 15-seconds of the call and spark a sales conversation that, when properly followed, will uncover whether a problem exists that your solution can solve.

5)    TRUE OR FALSE: Prospects Hate when Sales People Read from a Script.

FALSE. Prospects hate when they can tell the sales person is reading from a script. There’s a HUGE difference.

6)    TRUE OR FALSE: A Poorly Written Sales Script Will Lose Sales and Increase Turnover.

1,000% TRUE.

7)    TRUE OR FALSE: Sales Scripts Only Work if Prospects Answer a Certain Way.

FALSE. A properly formulated sales script will engage a prospect into a conversation where “truths” can be uncovered.

8)    TRUE OR FALSE: Sales Scripts are Designed to Close Prospects.

FALSE: Sales scripts are designed to spark sales conversations that uncover “truths” about your prospect. It’s those “truths” that determine if an opportunity to earn the prospect’s business exists. Then, and only then, can a sales script help you close more new business.

9)    TRUE OR FALSE: A Well Written and Executed Sales Script Will Help Your Team Close More Sales.

TRUE, but only if the sales reps are properly taught the whys and hows. The best sales scripts follow a path of objectives rather than a list of words. Knowing the steps of the sales process and how to get your prospect to walk down that path is the critical piece.

10) TRUE OR FALSE: You Can Scale Your Company Without a Sales Script.

OK… How do you scale or grow revenue by hiring sales reps and handing them a lead list, a phone and a “Captain Wing-It” cape? A well-written sales script plus an educated, skilled sales team is your winning combination to growing sales. If your sales scripts aren’t working, you have the wrong sales script strategy.

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.

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