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Overcome Fear of Sales Rejection

by MichaelPedone 16. April 2014 05:47


"How do I overcome my fear of rejection? I'm tired of picking up the phone, just to have gatekeepers be rude to me or prospects telling me "no". Maybe I'm just not cut out for sales?"

SalesBuzz Answer:

Fear of rejection is something that almost all inside sales reps go though. I know I did.

So here's the good news: It's curable.

Before you start contemplating if you should make a career switch, do this:

Record Your Sales Calls

Fear of rejection happens after being rejected often. Sales rejection happens on a repeated basis because of what we are saying to prospects and how we are saying it.

All too often what we think we say and how we think we said it can be different from what we actually said and how we said it. So if you are experiencing a high degree of sales call rejection, step one is to get a good number of your sales calls recorded so that you can have your sales manager pinpoint the mistakes you are making.

Yes, I said the mistakes YOU are making. When sales is done right, the number of wins offset the number of losses to the point where the losses are just collateral damage. Meaning, you won't mind the ones that said "NO" because your confidence will be high that you are using the right sales system and techniques and each win erases the sting of the "NO's".

Now, once you've identified - with the help of your sales manager or other top sales reps willing to help you at your company - and have been shown what to do differently, it's time for the second piece of the solution, and that is to:


If you truly want to conquer your fear of rejection, you'll need to role-play your new sales techniques every day until you've got it down.

Try role-playing anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes a day first thing in the morning (come in early to do it!!!) and do that for a whole week and see how your confidence starts to climb as you get less NO's and more Yes' with each sales call.


Michael Pedone -'s CSS: Chief Sales Scientist

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Hiring Open Sales Position – Average people need NOT apply!

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Softening The Cold Call with Email? Think Again

by MichaelPedone 7. April 2014 16:58


"I have always tried to "soften" the blow of a cold call with an email first. Is that appropriate?"

SalesBuzz Answer:

I'm a firm believer in making the sale call first and then following that up with an email.

Emailing first has become extremely popular as a remedy for sales people who are trying to avoid the pain of hearing "No, thanks", "Not interested" or "We're all set (click)" but it is NOT a remedy for making more contacts and sales.

Sales people that resort to sending emails first often end up making the same mistake within the email message as they do when they call and get the prospect on the phone.

Fix your opening value statement and make the call first. If you get voicemail, leave the right message, send the right email and then schedule your second attempt within 24 hours.

And regarding "Softening the blow"...

If you've done your prospecting correctly, your prospect will be thankful you called!

I would seriously think about how you view your sales calls and urge you to reject the notion that your prospect won't be grateful that you called!

When I make a sales call, I'm calling to qualify them in the sense to see if their sales team is missing quota and if they are, is it because they are getting stopped by gatekeepers, voicemails aren't being returned or if the decision makers don't see a need to switch. And if that's the case, I know I can help fix that. Now who benefits more, me for gaining a new client or them, for learning how to gain a BUNCH of new clients?

Start viewing your product or service in that same light. Make sure you understand what the true benefits your targeted audience will receive if they used your product or service and then get them on the phone, ask the right sales questions and start helping them be successful.

The more people you help, the more successful you will be. It's a great truth principle.


Michael Pedone -'s CSS: Chief Sales Scientist

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Overcoming a Bad Reputation

by MichaelPedone 31. March 2014 10:17


"I recently started working for a new company and I'm getting a lot of negative feedback from customers and prospects about how poor the service and reliability was previous to my starting. What is the best way for me to handle this and still make the sale?"

SalesBuzz Answer:

Your first priority as a professional sales person is to leave the prospect in better shape than when you found them. If that is your top priority, you won't have to worry about hitting your numbers. So rather than ask "how to respond" when a prospect or an account you are trying to up-sell complains about your company's past service record, find out if in deed the problem they are complaining about has been fixed.

If the problem still exists, can it be fixed in a timely manner? If yes, great! There's still hope. If not, you have other decisions to make.

Problems have Been Solved. Now What?

If the problems have been solved, there are two strategies you may want to consider:

Option #1: Empathy - When you contact a prospect or client that has been mishandled by your predecessors and they let you know about it, put yourself in their shoes.

"Mr. Prospect, I understand how you must feel. I would fee the same way if I were in your shoes (or: if that happened to me)" Followed by: "What I can say is this, we've recognized and corrected the problem by _______, _______ & _______ and to prove it to you and earn your trust back, what if we started with a small project so you can see for yourself, fair enough?"

But What if They Still Say "NO"?

Expect them to say "NO" and have a sincere rebuttal ready. I would try at least three times on that sales call before relenting and executing what I call the "planting the seed" play.

Planting the Seed

Planting the Seed is when you've recognized that it's time to let the prospect off the phone, but still want to have a shot at earning their business.

One example can be something like this:

After empathizing and after the 3rd time asking for them to give you another shot and they refuse, you could "plant the seed" with:

Sales Script Example:

"Mr. Prospect I respect your decision. If in the future you find that your existing supplier fails you on "hot button 1", "hot button 2" or "hot button 3" don't hesitate to reach out and give us a try. We are way more motivated to win you back then our competitors are to keep you. I'll email you with my contact information so you can have it on file. Sound good?"

Detailed Sales Script Example:

"Mr. Prospect I respect your decision. If in the future you find that your existing supplier "overcharges you for services", "misses a scheduled meeting" or "doesn't call you back in a timely manner " don't hesitate to reach out and give us a try. We are way more motivated to win you back then our competitors are to keep you. I'll email you with my contact information so you can have it on file. Sound good?"

Don't be surprised if the next day, week or month you receive an email or get a phone call with your prospect willing to give you a shot (the saying "never stand in the way of your competition sabotaging themselves" comes to mind). All you did was plant the seed and as soon as your competition dropped the ball, you were there to lend a helping hand.

Option #2: Prospect for New Accounts - You may want to turn this situation into a growth opportunity by looking for new untapped verticals that could add additional cash flow to your bottom line. Just make sure your company's issues are resolved. You don't want poison the water well again.


Michael Pedone -'s CSS: Chief Sales Scientist

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How to Close Repeat Business

by MichaelPedone 25. March 2014 04:46


"I received an email request from a current client wanting pricing on an upgrade. I sent it over to them but never got the order back. I've called and left several messages and emails, but they've gone ghost on me. What can I do? I wanted to get that order before the end of the month."

SalesBuzz Answer:

This is a common mistake inside sales people make when they get a warm lead or a pricing request from current clients:

They skip mandatory sales steps!

Assuming that they are ready to buy just because they asked for a quote or expressed interest in purchasing your product or service doesn't mean you should circumvent key steps in the sales process. Doing so leaves you vulnerable to "second thoughts", "a new fire / situation that needs to be handled" & "competition".

What Should I Have Done Differently?

Instead of responding to their email by sending them a quote, pick up the phone to let them know you've received their request and wanted to ask them a few questions first to make sure what you have to offer will be the right fit for what they need.


Salesperson: "Hi (Prospect's Name) this is (Your Name) with (Your Company). Reason for my call is I received your email request for pricing on ________ and I wanted to ask you a few quick questions to make sure what we have to offer would be a good fit for you, would that be OK?"

Now that you have the prospect's attention, you can ask your discovery questions to uncover what problems they are looking to solve with your solution.

You'll also be able to "pepper in" qualifying questions so that you can identify / confirm their role in the decision making and approval process, as well as, if you are the only one they are wanting to go with or if they will also be looking at other competitors.

Handling warm leads this way will increase your win rate while improving your relationship with your client, as you will be viewed as not just a salesperson, but someone that sought first to understand, rather than someone who simply wanted a quick sale for their end of the month numbers.


Michael Pedone -'s CSS: Chief Sales Scientist

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