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This Cold Email Script Killed It

cold email subject line

This Cold Email Script Killed It

(And by “It” I mean a chance for a sale)

I received a cold email that said:

“Michael, are you interested in adding 6-Figures to your business?”

This is such a TURN-OFF question. I hit the delete button immediately.

The sad part is, this person may truly be able to help me, which means a win/win scenario just became a lose/lose because of an improper (and lazy) sales question.

For starters, why not call me first?

Interruption is critical to sales success. Don’t let all those other weak sales gurus tell you differently.

“But no one ever answers their phone – we always get voicemail blah blah blah”

Well, if you’re leaving voicemails that mimic the email you just sent, NO WONDER no one is calling you back!

Leaving a solid voicemail followed by a complimentary email with a tight WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME message gets the prospects with the right timing, to respond.

But asking a manipulative sales question that “pulls” a yes often kills the relationship before it ever gets started.

“OK smarty pants… what would you have done differently?”

Glad you asked… I created a three-step cold call sales script that shows you exactly what to say on the phone, voicemail, and in an email to get prospects to want to have a conversation with you.

I ended up doing a 15-minute webinar to show you how to turn this around.

You can watch it on-demand sales course now:

– Michael Pedone

Michael Pedone teaches inside sales teams how to pick up the phone and close business. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of SalesBuzz.com – An online sales training company.


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