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SALES PODCASTS: Michael Pedone SalesBuzz Prospecting Video

Michael Pedone of SalesBuzz answers Prospecting Questions on the Real Sales Talk Podcast The CEO of SalesBuzz, Michael Pedone, is on for this episode talking about prospecting qualifying questions. It’s clear that Michael is a polished teacher, as he provides specific phrasing and wording suggestions for how to get the right outcomes. Take a listen […]

New School Cold Calling with Michael Pedone

Jeffery Gitomer: Our guest this week is Michael Pedone, CEO and Head Instructor at Michael is an expert in all forms of prospecting and he loves to discuss cold calling, where it’s been and where it’s going. In this episode, Michael describes his new formula for cold calling and why you shouldn’t be afraid to pick […]


HOW TO GAIN SALES CONFIDENCE  Jena Rodriguez interviews Michael Pedone about how to gain confidence in sales. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone is a straight-commissioned salesperson with 20+ years of experience selling by phone. He is the CEO/FOUNDER of – an online sales training company that shows inside sales teams how to eliminate call reluctance […]

B2B SALES PODCASTS: Daily Routine for Success

No job, money, car, or place to live… no problem! All that was needed to turn things around was a plan. In this podcast, MARK STRUCZEWSKI interviews Michael Pedone to discover his “productivity steps” to go from “rock bottom” to becoming a successful straight-commission salesperson and entrepreneur.   Michael Pedone – Founder of Online […]

B2B SALES PODCASTS: The $1.2MM Outbound Sales Process

In this B2B Sales Podcast, learn how, as a kid, Michael Pedone dreamed of living a lifestyle where money wasn’t scarce. Fast-forward a few decades, and Pedone sold his first company for $1.2MM. Hear how desire, determination and following a simple outbound sales process formula was the key to success.  Michael Pedone’s first company […]

Time Management Skills for Inside Sales Reps

Time Management Skills: Inside Sales Podcast Interview w/Michael Pedone on How to Schedule Your Day And Other Sales Tips Michael Pedone is a serial entrepreneur who has made a living doing exactly what he preaches. He’s mastered the art and the science of selling but he says that sales reps often forget one of the most […]


“What was the moment that changed the way you sell?” Stories from the Sales Floor invites today’s top sales professionals, pioneers, and thought leaders to share their knowledge. This backstage pass gives you access to accounts and anecdotes never told before that will not only educate and inspire but also entertain. Here’s a clip from hosts […]

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