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How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance When Cold Calling

How to Overcome Sales Call Reluctance When Cold Calling New to Selling by Phone? Here’s how to overcome call reluctance. “I’m new to inside sales, and I am having a serious case of call reluctance. How do I fight against this?” What is Call Reluctance? Call reluctance is the fear of cold calling a prospect […]

Cold Calling: How to Handle the “Just Send Me Email” Response

The “Just Send Me Email” Response   “Just Send Me Email” is a common phrase for salespeople to hear when cold calling. Michael Pedone shows you exactly how to respond with confidence. COLD CALLING ADVICE: THE “JUST SEND ME AN EMAIL” RESPONSE MP: Hey everybody, it’s Michael Pedone with, and today I want to […]

Happy with Our Current Vendor Phone Sales Objections

Phone Sales Objections “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” If you or your sales team is struggling to put ink on the board because of phone sales objections like “I’m happy with our current vendor/supplier,” this blog post is for you. Phone Sales Objection: “I’m Happy with Our Current Vendor” There are two spots you […]

Your Fear of Cold Call Rejection & What to Do About It!

“How Do I Overcome My Fear of Rejection When Cold Calling?” Learn how to get more prospects to “raise their hand” first (warm calls) or… Stop using a selling process that keeps getting you checkmated on the opening move. WORK IT BACKWARDS To overcome something you need to know the root cause. Fear of cold […]

When is the Best Time to Cold Call?

When is the Best Time to Cold Call? “When is the best time to cold call? I have had so many opinions and discussions with others suggesting the best times to cold call, however, these do seem to regularly contradict each other. Please let me know your thoughts?” If you want to be successful selling […]

It’s Harder Than Ever to Make Cold Calls?

This 3-Minute YouTube Video May Change Your Mind!  Do you believe it’s harder today to cold call? We need to talk if you believe cold calling is harder today than 5, 10, 15, and 20 years ago. Today’s sales professionals can quickly build pre-qualified prospecting lists in minutes. Yesterday’s sales professionals had to use […]

How to Cold Call Old Leads

How to Cold Call Old Leads “I make cold calls to leads in our database. Many of these leads have been called in the past by other sales reps. The challenge I have is as soon as they hear my company name, they say: I get calls from you guys all the time. I’m not […]

What is the Ideal Daily Talk Time for an Inside Sales Person?

“What is the ideal daily talk time for an inside salesperson?” I’ve answered this question before however, it was a while ago and since we have a lot of new subscribers, many of you may not have seen my previous reply, so here’s my response: Talk Time Metric For Sales Talk time is a great […]

Cold Calling: How to Create Your Opening Value Statement

 Michael Pedone, Founder of the inside sales training company,, breaks down how to create a winning opening value statement when cold calling. The video includes an example of a common poorly written sales script opener and gives examples of how to create a winning opening value statement. – Michael Pedone Michael Pedone teaches […]

Prospecting Voicemail Messages

“How Often Should You Leave Voicemails for Prospects? Once a week, every 3 days, etc.?” This is a popular question I know I’ve answered before, but in case you missed it, I have a simple rule to follow concerning the number of voicemail messages I leave, and that is: I don’t chase prospects that don’t […]